By familiarising yourself with these forms, you can have a better understanding of result compilation process

With polling day fast approaching, the campaigns and activities of elections have put the pedal to the metal. After the votes are polled in the elections, the uphill battle of vote count and their consolidation begins. 

There are some crucial forms related to the result compilation that everyone participating in the voting this year needs to know about. These are Form 45, Form 46, Form 47, Form 48, and Form 49. 

These forms are related to the Result Compilation System of the Election Commission of Pakistan. 

Let’s explore the significance and purpose of these forms.

Form 45

Form 45, also known as the Presiding Officer’s Results of the Count, is the form that the PO is required to sign and provide with his thumb impression and signature to the polling agents.

This form records the number of votes cast in a polling station. It also separately mentions how many votes a candidate received from that polling station. The purpose of this form is to prevent any alteration during the process, ensuring transparency in the results. This is admissible in court too.

Form 46 

Form 46 is the form that has the count for the ballot papers. It has the number of ballot papers received at a polling station, the number of ballot papers taken out of the ballot box, tendered ballot papers, challenged, spoiled, stray and cancelled ballot papers at a polling station.

Form 47 

Form 47 is another important form related to polling stations. In this form, the count of votes from all the polling stations of a constituency is recorded by the Returning Officer. This makes a provisional consolidated result of the constituency sans postal ballots. A postal ballot is a ballot of a registered voter and it is filled and sent to the voting centre through postal mail by the person eligible for postal ballot.

Form 48 

Form 48 is the Consolidated Statement of Results of the Count showing votes cast in favour of each candidate, at every polling station within a constituency. This form also includes the number of postal ballots.

Form 49 

This is the final and Official Consolidated Result Form. It includes the names of the candidates, their party affiliations and the number of votes received in the constituency. It is prepared at the constituency level and contains the total number of votes obtained by each candidate. This form is included in the Gazette of Pakistan.

From the result of the count to the final consolidated result, each form plays a significant role in ensuring transparency and accuracy in the election process.

By familiarising yourself with these forms, you can have a better understanding of the result compilation process of the ECP.

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