How many seats needed to form government in Pakistan?

The 12th general elections were finally staged in Pakistan on February 8 and the people are waiting for the next government’s formation and the 24th prime minister.

While the day saw less violence, it was marred by allegations of rigging as not only were the mobile and internet connectivity disrupted, but several videos showed that ballot boxes were tampered with.

As the parties eye to secure the most number of general seats, the reserved seats will play a crucial role in determining who becomes the next head of government.

In simple terms, any party that wants its leader at the top post will need 172 votes in the house of a total of 342 members — and whether it has its own members or ropes in other parties’ candidates, is up to them.

The last government was the Pakistan Democratic Movement, which was formed after the ouster of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf in April 2022. The PDM ruled the country for 16 months.

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